We're launching a brand new crypto tax app...

Whether you're trading cryptocurrencies, buying and selling NFTs, or staking on DeFi protocols, CoinLedger makes tracking your portfolio and reporting your taxes easier than ever.

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Built For DeFi

MetaMask, NFTs, or yield farming? No problem. We built CoinLedger from the ground up with DeFi in mind.

Monitor Your Entire Crypto Portfolio

No more checking 5 separate tabs. View your entire crypto transaction history and performance from a single dashboard.

Crypto taxes just got even easier

A reimagined cryptocurrency tax reporting experience from the CryptoTrader.Tax team.
Game-changer. Hands down the best on the market.

John Gregg

Finally a team that understands DeFi. This is such a well designed product. From data import to all the useful reports to the real time view into all of my holdings. This is amazing.

Mike Dysart