7 Lucrative Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs You Need To Know About - 2020

Bitcoin and crypto affiliate programs offer a powerful way to monetize your crypto specific audience. Whether you run a popular blog, news website, YouTube channel, or Twitter account, crypto affiliate programs can bring in a recurring revenue stream that can be relied on for months and sometimes years to come. 

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of programs out there. Trying to find the best ones is an extremely time consuming process. Thankfully, our team of researchers has done all of the hard work for you! We’ve spent hours upon hours scouring the internet for the best bitcoin and crypto affiliate programs out there. This guide reveals our findings.

Top 7 Crypto Affiliate Programs

crypto affiliate program cryptohopper

1. CryptoHopper

CryptoHopper is an automated crypto trading bot that can be used across a variety of exchanges. The software allows you to intuitively setup trading strategies, back test them across historical data, and make money trading the crypto markets. Our team has extensively used the CryptoHopper affiliate program, and it is powerful. We were making hundreds of dollars per month with our affiliate link just from a single blog post!

Checkout some of the CryptoHopper affiliate program stats here. They have paid out over $250,000 to affiliates over the past few years, and over 10,000 people are promoting their products. These stats speak for themselves.

Over the years, the team has slightly reduced the affiliate payout, but it’s still worth it seeing that you get paid out month after month as CryptoHopper is a subscription product. You can see how some affiliates are promoting the product through educational content videos below.

crypto affiliate program paxful

2. Paxful 

Paxful is a platform that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin. They have invested a considerable amount of time and company resources to roll out their affiliate program that is extremely beneficial for the affiliate. 

With the Paxful affiliate program, you receive 50% of the exchange fees whenever one of your referred customers purchases bitcoin through the platform. You can also message their team and request to be paid out when your affiliates sell bitcoin as well.

An additional powerful feature with the Paxful program is that you receive 10% affiliate commissions when your tier 2 referred users purchase bitcoin. This means that you can recruit other affiliates to join the Paxful referral program and earn when their referred customers purchase bitcoin. This is very unique in the industry and allows you to build an army of affiliates.

bitcoin affiliate program cryptotrader.ax

3. CryptoTrader.Tax

Ever since the IRS rolled out its official cryptocurrency tax guidance and started cracking down on crypto investors, crypto tax calculators have become a tool in many traders' arsenal. By simply connecting exchange accounts via API keys or through CSV imports, users can generate their necessary tax reports based on their historical data with the click of a button. These reports can be imported into TurboTax or sent to a tax professional.

CryptoTrader.Tax offers a 25% lifetime commission affiliate program—the best in the tax industry. This means that once someone clicks through your link and becomes a customer. You get passive income for every year that they generate their tax reports!

In addition to the commission, your affiliate link automatically gives people 10% off, so they are incentivized to click through using your affiliate link. You can learn more about the CryptoTrader.Tax affiliate program here.

In the example below you can see how YouTubers are leveraging the affiliate program.

bitcoin affiliate program bybit

4. Bybit

Bybit is a derivative cryptocurrency exchange that has been soaring in popularity lately. You’ve probably seen them on Twitter, YouTube, or around the web if you’re at all plugged into the industry. The reason you’ve seen them: their affiliate program is one of the best, and their affiliates are making good money by promoting the new derivative exchange.

The Bybit affiliate program allows you to earn commission on people that you refer as well as the people you refer who refer other people. It is a pyramid type system that can drive results. 

You can learn more about the Bybit affiliate program here.

crypto referral program coinbase

5. Coinbase 

Being such a brand name in the industry, it is a no brainer that the Coinbase affiliate program can drive results for promoters. Coinbase is oftentimes the first company that onboards people into the world of cryptocurrency. It is wise to use this fact to your advantage.

The affiliate program offers a 50% commission for all trading fees during the first 3 months that the user is on Coinbase.com. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

To get started, you’ll have to apply for the program by filling out this form. Once approved, you can start promoting using a custom affiliate link. The program also has options for slick campaign tracking and affiliate reporting features.

trezor crypto affiliate program

6. Trezor

Another household name in the crypto world—Trezor is a hardware wallet that allows you to safely store your crypto offline. Trezors are all over the place, and one of the reasons we are recommending this affiliate program is because of that fact! Converting your audience to customers is much easier when the brand has established credibility.

The Trezor affiliate program offers a 12-15% commission for referrals. One thing we love about this affiliate program is that it can pay out in bitcoin. 

Hardware wallets are a staple in the mid-level to advanced world of crypto. If you have an audience that is in this stage, this can be a great affiliate program to leverage. Unfortunately like others mentioned above, it does not have a subscription component, so it doesn’t build a passive income stream.

changelly affiliate program

7. Changelly

Used by more than 2 million people, Changelly is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers 24/7 live chat support and over 150+ cryptocurrencies. With a transparent fee structure, and a user friendly platform, this can be a great exchange to promote to a more advanced crypto audience who is looking for alternatives to Coinbase, Binance, etc. 

Even better, the Changelly affiliate program is quite lucrative. They offer 50% commissions for all referred users. The affiliate program has attracted top crypto media outlets like CoinTelegraph, Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko, and others to promote Changelly via the affiliate program. If you run a media property, this can be a great option. They also have a widget that can be installed directly on your site designed to increase conversions. 


That’s all for now! Our team will continue to monitor various cryptocurrency affiliate programs and will be adding to this piece as we identify them. Be sure to check back every so often. If you run a cryptocurrency affiliate program, feel free to reach out to our team. We’d be happy to check it out, and if it is good enough, add it to this blog post.