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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Last updated January 31, 2021

Important Terms

  • Every affiliate request will be processed as soon as possible. Please be patient, we will process all requests. When you have been accepted as an affiliate you will receive an affiliate link, which you can share with your network.
  • Fill out all details in the request form, in order for us to make payments to the right PayPal account.
  • Being a CryptoTrader.Tax affiliate means that you refer new people to purchase a tax report on the CryptoTrader.Tax website, with the usage of your personal affiliate link. The 25% commission will be paid over each report purchased by the referred customer.
  • Payment details need to be filled in correctly. Any wrong payments made because of incorrectly provided addresses are not the responsibility of CryptoTrader.Tax and will be your own loss.
  • Payments to affiliates are done via PayPal.
  • Payments may be requested once the affiliate account owner has earned $30 or more.
  • It is the responsibility of the affiliate to pay any applicable taxes over our affiliate payments, according to the affiliate’s country’s law.
  • The banners and promotional material that you are allowed to use will be send with your affiliate link. These are our official promotional tools. Any homemade media and/or other tools you want to use, have to be approved by us first.
  • False information or negative publicity will risk you being removed as an affiliate and/or a ban from CryptoTrader.Tax.
  • Distributing negative attitude/messages about CryptoTrader.Tax on social media, question desk and/ or forum, will risk your removal as an affiliate. As an affiliate you are expected to spread positivity.
  • Links to CryptoTrader.Tax must have the attribute rel="nofollow" (If your are unsure what this is, please reach out to us to assist)

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