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About CryptoTrader.Tax


We’re on a mission to simplify crypto taxes for everyone in the world.

In 2017, the crypto industry looked much different than it does today. Bitcoin was all the rage, ICO’s ran rampant, and the hype surrounding blockchain technology and its disruptive potential was everywhere. As with any emerging industry, early adopters encountered problems. Taxes were (and still are) one of the largest problems all crypto users faced.

It was during this time in 2017 that Coin Ledger was founded.

With the goal of making cryptocurrency tax reporting easy for everyone, Coin Ledger launched its signature platform CryptoTrader.Tax.

Since inception, CryptoTrader.Tax has become the go-to resource for all things crypto taxes. Tens of thousands of crypto users all over the world rely on the platform to handle their tax reporting, billions of dollars of cryptocurrency transactions are reported on every year, and partnerships with industry leaders such as Intuit TurboTax have brought seamless crypto tax reporting to the mainstream.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to simplify crypto tax reporting for everyone.

Our entire team is committed to reducing the friction associated with investing and using cryptocurrencies. That starts with solving the tax problem. We believe that reducing friction is key to enabling the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The Company

Coin Ledger Inc. is headquartered in Kansas City, MO; however, true to the ethos of the crypto culture in which we operate, our team is fully distributed with teammates in Austin, St. Louis, Portland, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Zagreb, and more.

Get In Touch

Excited about what we're building? Want to get in touch with the CryptoTrader.Tax team? We'd love to hear from you. You can reach us directly at help[at]cryptotrader.tax.

What Our Customers Say

Tim Barrett

Used CryptoTrader.Tax after unsuccessfully trying a competitor's site. CryptoTrader.Tax software imported transactions easier and the reconciliation resulted in just a few warnings to be resolved. The team the quickly help me navigate through resolving those warnings! TOP NOTCH!!!

Ashley Ottomoeller

Used this service this tax season and loved it! Everything went smoothly and was easy to understand, only took a few minutes to sign up and had everything in a nice format. Definitely using this again next year. I have told Friends and Co-workers about this service and highly recommend it to everyone!


Just wanted to leave a quick review. I have used Cryptotrader for the last three years now.  In my opinion, one of the best in what they do. I have tried other sites/services but they just didn't work out for me. I feel like this site is very user friendly and the support via chat is great as well. Would recommend to others.

Mark Klopfenstein

Love CryptoTrader.Tax. Fabulous platform for quickly calculating the tax impact of your crypto trading. Thank you so much for this service. Have used it for clients and my own trading. Great reports and even completes the forms for you.  Works like a charm.

Cory Delmeir

CryptoTrader.Tax made a difficult and confusing task very simple and manageable. I had a question during the process in which I reached out to customer service - they were very friendly and helped me resolve my issue within minutes. I was able to generate my tax documents in no time at all! Very happy with my experience and will use again next year.

Zack Clapman

Incredibly helpful. The user interface is good, the explanations and directions are good, and their customer service is exceptional. It really is. Their live chat is better than anything I've encountered before. They helped me find some errors I had made, find missing info, etc. They held my hand through it.

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